A mentor of mine once told me that every life is a worthy life. She’s right. Every life is a story worth telling, and I have the skills and experience to help you write the story that’s yours to tell. Whether you need just a little guidance and support or a lot of research and writing, we can work together to create a meaningful and satisfying book, for private or public sharing. Commissions of any length and in any genre are welcome. I guarantee there won’t be a clichéd image or trite phrase to be found. No matter what kind of project is taking shape in your mind, I can help you make it a reality.

All Things Professional

  • brochure copy   
  • cover letters
  • formal speeches
  • professional resumés      
  • website content

All Things Personal

  • wedding vows
  • online profiles
  • obituary notices
  • special announcements
  • celebratory toasts

I have experience writing all of these. Fees vary depending on time, format, and content. Contact me to discuss the details.

Please consult my Business page for contact, rate, and payment options.