Life is a story, and with a LifeWriting coach, you can create the life story you want to tell. I am a trained lifewriter and have published many biographical projects in reference books. Most of those encyclopedia entries are about writers’ lives. My largest work, a group biography, uses photographs, interviews, diaries, newspapers, yearbooks, needleworks, and theories to analyze and create the family's story. All of this professional experience taught me a great deal about the practical matters that are vital to writing a life.

My published framework to guide lifewriters is taken from that project, and I am keen to help you:

  • gather all available resources
  • consider suitable interpretive ideas
  • identify keys to understanding
  • select the ideal sources
  • shape the developing story

It takes both critical and creative thinking to write a life, whether it's your own or someone else's. Through a combination of research, writing, and discussion, you can develop a clear view of the project ahead, a path of your own choosing and design. Writing it out can be a valuable tool for processing all kinds of life events, and lifewriting certainly is a sure way to a deeper understanding of the lives of others--and ultimately of your own.

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